It is a homeowner's worst nightmare to come home and find their locks have been changed, the home entered into, belongings broken, missing and thrown around. Making matters worse, there is often a note indicating that the break-in was not a burglary, it was done on purpose at the direction of the homeowners mortgage company. Since the great recession, the number of bank directed property break-ins has greatly increased.  Offending banks will wrongly claim they are entitled to enter the property without a court order in an attempt to secure it or ensure the property is not abandoned.

Northeast Law Group attorney Adam Deutsch has represented many victims of home break-ins perpetrated at the direction of a bank.  Cases have ranged in complexity including circumstances where the property has been rendered uninhabitable, and the personal property removed included televisions, family heirlooms, jewelry, and where fixtures including toilets and counter tops were destroyed beyond repair.  Break-in cases involve the ultimate invasion of personal privacy and victims often experience emotional pain and interruptions in their personal and family life that can exceed the physical damage to the property.

Northeast Law Group has the experience required to prosecute these complex cases which often involve multiple offending parties.  The primary mortgage bank typically contracts with a "property preservation" company who is responsible for inspecting the property on behalf of the mortgage company.  The property preservation company often subcontracts the inspection work out again.  In one situation, it was uncovered that the individual who was entered a residential property at the direction of the mortgage company, had previously been convicted of larceny.  It should not be a surprise that personal property was missing from the home.


Since 2011 Adam Deutsch has represented consumers in lawsuits involving wrongful break-ins and property damage caused by banks and their agents. Collectively, these break-in cases resulted in the recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the victims.  If you or someone you know is the victim of a bank-directed property break-in, contact Northeast Law Group for more information on how we can help.  Our representation is affordable and effective, putting the victim first.