Consumer Rights Talk E6: Privatization of federal IRS collections presents a risk to all residents of the U.S.A.

There is a new sheriff in town and the Presidency of Donald J. Trump is projected to bring sweeping deregulation and privatization of government.  Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and presumptive Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have openly advocated to privatize the collection of unpaid federal income taxes.  There are major risk to taxpayers in deregulation of this task.  Specifically, if collection of tax debt is privatized, the debt collectors may be immune from liability under the Fair Debt Collection Practices.  This means there could be a rise in collection abuses and consumers will have little to no protections.  

You can read the interview with Senator Chuck Grassley (member of senate judiciary and finance committees as well as the joint committee on taxation) in which he advocates to privatize tax collection here: