E18: Consumer Rights Talk: Guest Ron Burdge

Ron Burdge is a trailblazer.  Ron started his legal career doing trial work at a small Ohio firm.  Early in his career the partners of his law firm handed Ron an auto fraud case.  The chance circumstance gave rise to a career that saw the rise of lemon laws and consumer rights in the auto industry.  A key to Ron’s success is his love of story telling and a gift for connecting with juries.

In addition to excelling at litigation, Ron has a gift for marketing. As an early adopter of the internet, Ron acquired key domain names including www.ohiolemonlaw.com. He began posting videos on the internet early on and it helped to drive clients and business to his firm.

Aside from influencing the growth of auto fraud litigation, Ron is the founder of the United States Consumer Law Attorney Fee Survey. The survey is hosted at www.attorneyfeestudy.com and gives a detailed assessment of hourly rates billed by attorneys broken down by years of practice, size of firm and geography. The survey is a key tool for consumer rights attorneys that work with fee shifting statutes. Cited in Federal Courts across the country, the survey has been critical to lawyers extending access to justice in an affordable way.

Ron can be reached on twitter @ronburdge